Bunch of Brunch Recipes
Leslie Davis

Bunch of Brunch Recipes

Planning for a family brunch or maybe a special celebration brunch? It doesn’t have to be hard, just delicious.

We are here to help with a list of yummy, quick, and healthy recipes. 

Eggs Served Many Ways 

Apple and Veggie Omelet 

Omelet sits on a white plate next to a green salad.There is a fork on a yellow napkin beside the plate.

This savory and sweet omelet is a must try. You will love the blend of flavors and benefit from the protein and fiber to keep you satisfied. 

Breakfast Burritos 

This breakfast burrito is so flavorful and filling. It can be enjoyed for a relaxed brunch or saved for later as a portableon-the-go” meal. 

Nopales Scramble 

Craving cuisine from south of the border? If you have never tried Nopales you are in for a treat! Nopales is a cactus native to Mexico (you can find it at your local Latino grocer). It tastes great and is an excellent source of potassium. 

Egg, Kale, Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole 

Homemade breakfast casserole with egg, kale, and sweet potatoes sitting on a cutting board

Try this amazing twist on eggs and grits. This tasty dish is sure to satisfy your craving for a good southern breakfast. 

Muffins and Pancakes 

Very Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins 

Blueberry muffins sit on a cloth napkin and surrounded by fresh blueberries

These finger-licking, juicy muffins are not just bursting with flavor – they are literally bursting with blueberries. Satisfy your sweet tooth without a lot of added sugar! 

Oatmeal Raisin Muffins 

oatmeal raisin muffins on a platter

Love oatmeal with raisins? This is the muffin for you and best of all- easy to prepare. 

Harvest Muffins 

Need more vegetables in your diet? You will not notice the vegetables in these muffins, but you will notice the great flavor and benefit from the vitamins and fiber. 

Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes 

It would not be brunch without some delicious, fluffy pancakes. Try these topped with fruit or nut butter and a fruit spread! 

Yogurt, Drinks and More 

Yogurt Crunch Parfait 

two yogurt parfaits with pecans and blueberries on top

This colorful treat is easy, yummy and quick! You and your kids will love making this must-have for your brunch. 

4 Fruit Smoothie 

smoothie with bananas and strawberries

4 fruits in one- a delicious addition to brunch or a quick pick-me-up later in the day! Either way, you will love the taste in this easy, sweet blend of fruits. 

Bright Fruit and Veggie Drink 

Two mason jars of a bright fuschia drink with bright striped straws sit on a dark table with a brick background

This yummy drink will brighten up your table and is a great way to drink a whole cup of fruits and vegetables. Enjoy sipping while supporting your immune system and promoting healthy digestion. 

Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal 


This flavorful oatmeal will taste like a dessert but give you lots of healthy fats, vitamins and protein. 


Now that you have an assortment of our delicious brunch recipes, try out some of our other favorites at FoodTalk.org/recipes. 

Written by Leslie Davis, MS, RDN, LD, CDCES | edited by the Nutrition Education Team 

PostedApril 2, 2021 

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