SOUP-er bowl: easy soup recipes we’re fans of  

SOUP-er bowl: easy soup recipes we’re fans of  

If football is on your mind, soup should be on your game day menu. We gathered three SOUPer easy recipes that we’re fans of. These soups are sweet, spicy, savory–and everything in between. There are so many great flavors in these recipes that we think you will become a fan of them, too!

peanut stew

Slow-Cooker West African Peanut Stew

We love this take on peanut stew! This unique recipe is inspired by the peanut and tomato-based West African Maafe. The dish originated in Mali before it spread across Africa when groundnut production increased [1]. This recipe packs in a fiber-loaded punch to keep your belly warm and is sure to be a touchdown with the whole family. Add your favorite protein, such as chicken or turkey, in place of the chickpeas. Find out more nutrition information and a detailed recipe here.


Vegetable Gumbo Soup with Brown Rice

This may be the quickest soup recipe we have ever created! This soup is full of nourishing vegetables like green bell peppers, onions, and okra. Use frozen vegetables and instant brown rice to save time while still keeping the same great flavor. We are calling this the Most Valuable souP of quick and easy dinners! Find the nutrition information and a detailed recipe here.

corn soup

Slow-Cooker Potato, Corn, and Jalapeno Soup

This simple, hearty recipe is sure to warm even the pickiest of bellies. By mashing the potatoes before serving, this soup has all the creaminess without the heavy cream and plenty of nutritious broth instead! Easily turn this into a vegan meal by replacing the low-fat milk with almond milk, and add some hot sauce for a field goal kick of spice. Find out more about the nutrition information and a detailed recipe here.

Fun Fact: Did you know that potatoes are full of potassium? Potassium helps reduce the harmful effects of sodium on your body. According to the American Heart Association, “The more potassium you eat, the more sodium you lose through urine” [2]. Potassium also helps reduce the pressure on the inside of your blood vessels.

Written by Melanie Ng, MS/DI and Taylor Newman, Ph.D./DI student | Edited by Laurel Sanville, MS, RDN, LD

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