Five Quick Tips on How to Revive Your Wilting Produce Five Quick Tips on How to Revive Your Wilting Produce

Do you ever find yourself staring at the drooped, wilted, and overripe fruits and vegetables in your fridge that you paid good money for?

Don’t be so quick to throw them out! Keep reading for some easy tips to use your ugly fruits and floppy vegetables.

  1. Revive your produce!
  2. Freezers love veggies too!
  3. Embrace the Ugly!
  4. Make it Tonight!
  5. Compost!

Did you know that about 30-40% of the food supply is wasted? In 2010, 133 billion pounds and 161 billion dollars’ worth of food in the U.S. was wasted (USDA). Have you ever felt like you lost money by throwing out produce that you didn’t use in time?

First, common sense dictates that if vegetables and fruits are growing mold, releasing liquid, getting slimy, or smelling weird, go ahead and compost it, or throw it away. However, softening, wrinkling, or wilting of the skin doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not edible! Here are five quick tips on how to lower food waste and save money in your home.

1) Revive Your Produce!

2) Freezers Love Veggies Too!

3) Embrace the Ugly!

4) Make it Tonight!

5) Compost!

Written by Almaas Alam | Edited by L. Sanville MS, RDN, LD

Re-crisping veggies: A. Alam
Stir-fry peppers:
Wilted cilantro: A. Alam

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