Can you master this crossword puzzle?

Can you master this crossword puzzle?

Test your fruit and vegetable knowledge with this crossword puzzle! Print a copy of the puzzle here.


Produce crossword puzzle



4. This green and red fruit is so refreshing to eat during the summertime

7. A leafy green described as “spicy” that’s popular in salad mixes

9. Granny smith and red delicious are two varieties of this fruit10. A pink/reddish root vegetable with a white center and green leaves at the top 



1. These grey squishy vegetables are actually a fungus that grow on places like logs!

2. This summer favorite is long, green, and great cut up on top of salads

3. This is arguably the south’s favorite green!

5. A white root vegetable in season during the colder months and delicious roasted or boiled!

6. A tiny berry with its color in its name

8. Georgia is the “_____ state”


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Written by Taylor Newman, Ph.D./DI student | Edited by Laurel Sanville, MS, RDN, LD

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