5 Quick Home Workouts

5 Quick Home Workouts

Exercise is important for our health. Sometimes gym memberships are not affordable and exercising outside isn’t an option. Working out in the comfort of our homes can be a stress-free solution!

Have kids? Invite them to join you! Remember to respect any personal injuries or limitations you may have. Do this by moving slowly through the exercises. Do not engage in any exercise that you cannot do so safely.

1. Target your abs with crunches

Woman doing crunches

Crunches will strengthen your abs. Here’s how to do them: Lie on your back on a soft surface, like a yoga mat or a towel on top of a rug. Put your feet on the floor and bend your knees so they’re taller than the rest of your body. Place your arms across your chest. Use your ab muscles to lift your upper body up to your knees. Keeping your ab muscles tight, slowly reverse the motion to lower your back to the floor. Try doing this motion ten times or as much as you feel comfortable. 


2. Tone those legs with lunges

Woman doing lunges

Lunges are a quick way to tone your legs, especially your thighs. Start by taking a big step forward with one leg. Land with your knee bent. Your back knee should drop down toward the floor. Push off the leg that is bent to return to standing. Try doing 10 lunges on each leg.


3. Work your lower body with squats

Man doing squats

Ahh the dreaded squat. It may be hard, but squats can help you build a stronger lower body. Start with your back straight, feet hips-width apart. Drop down to about your knee height or as low as you feel comfortable. Contracting your glutes (the muscles on your back side), push back to standing. Try doing ten squats in a row.


4. Tone your core with planks

woman doing a plan

“Building a strong core is one of the most important things you can do for your body, as strong core muscles help you maintain good posture, reduce lower back pain and improve your balance,” says Inbar Naor-Maxwell, the exercise physiologist at Piedmont Atlanta Fitness Center. [1] Here’s how Naor-Maxwell suggests doing a plank:

  • Place your elbows beneath your shoulders with your legs extended.
  • Push your body up to the top of a pushup position, making sure your hips are aligned with your upper and lower body, like a tabletop.
  • Contract your abs and squeeze your glutes (the muscles in your backside)
  • Hold for 30 to 45 seconds.
  • Drop your knees to the floor for a brief rest. Repeat for three sets.

Planking for 30 seconds is perfect for beginners. If you’re a pro planker, try to hold your plank for a full minute.


5. Strengthen your calves with calf raises

calf raise exercises

Our calves support our bodies every day. Yet people often forget about their calves when they’re working out. Show your calves some love and help them get stronger.

Start by facing a wall or chair back and placing your hands against it for balance. Rise up onto your toes and back down. Try this motion 10 times in a row. You can even hold weights (or anything heavy from around your house) in each hand while you do them for a more advanced exercise.

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Written by Taylor Newman, Ph.D. Candidate | Edited by Laurel Sanville, MS, RDN, LD


[1] Piedmont Healthcare

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