Oatmeal Recipes for Breakfast
Darci Bell

Oatmeal Recipes for Breakfast

Oatmeal, muffins, bread, and even smoothies! There are so many ways to eat oats for breakfast. 

t is recommended that Americans make at least half of the daily grains they eat whole grains. [1] Oats are an excellent source of whole grains and eating them in the morning is a great way to work towards meeting this goal for the day. Oats also contain protein and fiber, which can help keep you fuller longer and aid in digestion. [2] With these health benefits, oats are a wonderful breakfast choice! 

Here are four of our favorite breakfast recipes containing oatmeal that we think you’ll love 

Banana Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 

banana oatmeal raisin cookies on a white plate sitting on a wooden countertop

These cookies are perfect for those grab-and-go, busy mornings. You only need six ingredients to whip them up and have them ready for the whole family to enjoy! 

Oatmeal Bread  

sliced oat and whole wheat bread loaf

If you have been wanting to try out bread making lately, this is the perfect recipe to begin with! This bread offers whole grains in the form of whole wheat flour and oats. Top your slices with peanut butter, bananas, or avocado and serve with a side of fresh fruit for a well-rounded breakfast.  

Banana Pudding Overnight Oats  

banana pudding overnight oats in a jar on a wooden cutting board with bananas and chia seeds placed around it

Breakfast is now stress-free and packed with protein for a hunger-free morning. You can easily personalize this recipe by using your favorite milk and/or yogurt and adding other fruits like blueberries or raspberries to your topping! 

Granola Bars 

metal spatula serving baked granola bars from a metal pan

Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein- these granola bars contain ingredients from almost every food group! What a way to start the day.  

Oatmeal Raisin Muffins  

oatmeal raisin muffins on a black platter

Looking for a new staple muffin recipe for breakfast? These tasty muffins are sure to please a crowd and are easy to prepare for those mornings when everyone is on-the-go! 


We hope these recipes have introduced you to new, yummy ways to incorporate oats (and just whole grains in general) into your breakfast routine! 


Written by Darci Bell, RDN, LD | Edited by Leslie Davis, RDN, LD, CDCES , and the Nutrition Education Team  

Posted on: April 16, 2021 

[1] Dietary Guidelines for Americans  

[2] Whole Grain Council  

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