What’s in your fridge? Making food last

What’s in your fridge? Making food last

Stretching how long your food lasts and preventing food waste is important. It can also help prevent the money you spent on the food from going to waste. Here are a few ways you can help your food stay fresh.

  • Understanding dates on food items, storing food properly, and getting creative with food that’s about to go bad will help you minimize food waste.
  • Is your produce like lettuce and celery already wilting?
    These 5 tips will help you save it or repurpose it.
  • Freezing food is a great way to preserve it. Here’s how to get started with freezer meals. This infographic from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics [1]  tells you things to keep in mind when freezing and storing food.

freezing food infographic


Written by Taylor Newman, Ph.D. Candidate | Edited by Laurel Sanville, MS, RDN, LD

[1] Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 

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